Thursday, May 10, 2007

Common Seal The Last Sultan Melaka

The common seal was believed to be owned by the last Sultan Melaka , Sultan Mahmud Shah(1488-1528). Now to be owned by individual in Riau, Indonesia.

The common seal written in Jawi . ‘Khalifahtullah Sultan Mahmud Syah Akhirul Zaman’ is made by copper and the hold by silver.

Hierarchy of Sultan Melaka
1. Parameswara/Iskandar Syah (1402-1424),
2. Sultan Muhammad Syah (1424-1444),
3. Sultan Muzaffar Syah (1444-1459),
4. Sultan Mansur Syah (1459-1477),
5. Sultan Alauddin Riayat Syah (1477-1488)
6. Sultan Mahmud Syah (1488-1528).

Melaka government will sent expertise to examine the common seal weather it fake or original.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Short History of Melaka

The Sultanate of Melaka, The Living History Book

Melaka is a city with a glorious past hidden behind each facade of the centuries-old buildings. Every step you take down the narrow winding roads, there will be a poece of historic treasure waiting to be told. Albeit being the second smallest state in Malaysia, it is undoubtedly the wealthiest when it comes to history, culture and cuisine. Melaka 'live ', or rather, preservation of historical artifacts and architecture make it so much more easier and interesting for one to learn and absorb. Let's take a literal stroll down memory lane because here is where it all began....


Naming An Empire After a Tree

Melaka was founded in 1396 by an exiled Sumatran prince named Parameswara. It was once a port-of-call for ship from the Middle East, China, India, Arab and South America.According to the legend, Parameswara was out of his dogs cornered a mouse-deer and in defence, the mouse-deer kicked the dog smartly on its nose. Parameswara was so impressed by the mouse-deer's courage and also believing what he saw as a good omen, he decided to build his empire on that sacred land and named it after the tree he was sitting under which was the Melaka tree. Incidently, he was the first Malay prince to become a Muslim and inevitaly, Islam became the official religion.

Monday, May 7, 2007


Hello and hai..

Welcome to my blog.This is new topic that i had tought just last week ago regading visiting in Melaka. "Melaka" or "Malacca" is a place I'm live, stay and work. So i will publish at least once a week special place that i known to shopping, eat and visiting historic building in Melaka.

Melaka Crest

If you want to know "Melaka" is Melaka not " Malacca". My Chief Minister of Melaka now, disagree about name spelling "Malacca". So please write and spell "Melaka" not " Malacca".
Thank you.